Sunday, April 5, 2009

Are you going to help me?

tearful words spoken through the glass wall at the Portsmouth city jail....

There I was on the other side

Brett, I can't help you

You need to go to the cross

You need to leave it all there and cry for mercy

I know momma

Seek Him Brett, He is the only one who can give you peace

Brett, you have to quit lying, quit running.......

Dad and I have done all we can do

Does that mean you guys aren't going to help me?

As I looked at him

eyes sunken and red, his once youthful handsome face was drawn, pale...

effects of drug use so evident

track marks on his arms


as I looked

I could still see my beautiful boy

a boy who never hung up the phone without  "I love you momma"

a boy who never complained about looking after his little brothers

dinner, baths, and stories before bedtime so Dad and I could enjoy an evening out

Those two little brothers used to worship him

He is so smart

he could beat any video game made

Even his little sister, who would get so annoyed at all her girl friends wanting to flirt with him
but secretly it didn't really bother her

He is a kind hearted boy

Care free, quick with a smile, not a bit of a temper

Content, never one to ask for much

A happy Christmas long ago his dad and I laughed...

He was nine years old I think

With each package unwrapped a joyful "that's just what I always wanted!!!"

Those were happier times.....

Brett, we will always be here for you! We will do whatever we can for you!